Twazer Partners with Sunny Skirts – A Rising Apparel Company

 Twazer Partners with Sunny Skirts – A Rising Apparel Company


To kick off the new school year, we’re announcing our coolest partnership yet! Twazer has established a partnership with Sunny Skirts, a company selling trendy skirts for college girls!

The details of the partnership are below:

Purchase your Sunny Skirt through Twazer,  and receive a 40% discount! (Offer ends Sept. 1st) Click here to buy yours now! And check out the Sunny Skirts “Custom Category” below:


“We’re excited to be partnering with Twazer to sell Sunny Skirts on campus! Selling on Twazer allows us to meet face to face with students so that we can personally sell them the skirt. Seeing the girls excitement when they put it on is the most rewarding part of Sunny Skirts. There’s something about those skirts!” – Brady Silverwood (Co-Founder of Sunny Skirts)

“Partnering with Sunny Skirts is the perfect way to kick off the new school year and launch of Twazer 3.0. A big part of our 3.0 launch is introducing “Custom Categories”, which highlight campus organizations, or local businesses on the app so that they can post any merchandise or tickets that they want to sell. I’m excited that Sunny Skirts is our first custom category, and we know that their apparel is going to be a big hit on campus. Before you know it, you’re going to be seeing girls at colleges across the country rocking Sunny Skirts! Be sure to buy yours on Twazer to receive a 40% discount.” – Sameer Jafri (CEO of Twazer)


Check them out below!

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Click here to buy yours now! Offer ends September 1st.



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