3 Time Management Mistakes College Students Make

Written by: Kuhelika Ghosh



College is a place where it’s super easy to lose track of time because your friends are there with you 24/7. Every college student struggles to create a balance between being productive, whiling time away, and socializing. Tell me, does this sound familiar? You have homework due tomorrow afternoon…a midterm that’s tomorrow morning that you’ve spent only an hour studying for…a club meeting tonight… an event for that club that all your colleagues in the club are freaking out about…oh and your friends are guilt tripping you into getting dinner because you haven’t seen them for the last 10 days.

Trust me, you’re not alone in trying to figure out the herculean task of how to manage your time. So we thought, instead of trying to tell you how to do the impossible task of managing your time wisely… we’d tell you what not to do! We know you probably won’t listen to these, but we thought we’d give it a shot! Here are 3 things you – as a student – should NOT do to help you manage your time in college:

  1. Set a timer to ensure that you study for at least 2 hours before checking your phone. This strategy literally NEVER works because you’re just going to end up looking at your phone every 30 seconds to see how much time has passed. If this is the strategy you use, I can guarantee that you’ll spend at least half an hour stalking your crush from five years back or talking shit with your friends in that group message that’s always blowing up on your phone. Bottomline… don’t be this girl – it NEVER works. 4852075512. Skip meals because you’re too tired/busy to walk to the dining halls. This may seem like a good idea at the time – I know the 15 minutes you save by not walking to the dining hall seems like an eternity when you’re cramming for a midterm – BUT, I can tell you from personal experience that it just ends up working out all wrong. You’re going to get extremely hungry at some point – most likely around midnight – and then nothing will be open and you’ll end up feeling like this guy…images3. Give yourself no free time at all whatsoever until your roommates comment that you’re starting to resemble a machine rather than a human. Listen – in all seriousness – feeling like this girls is never worth it. 55155287If that’s you, it’s time to take a step back and cut some things that are eating too much time in your life. Taking a break once in awhile is nothing to be ashamed of. You live one life… make sure you don’t regret the moments you miss because you were too busy and wish you were there for.


Kuhelika Ghosh


Kuhelika Ghosh is a second-year English and Communication Studies student at UCLA, and aspires to be a journalist. She loves dogs and would like to adopt one someday.


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