The Hidden Gem of Apps For College Students

Dear college students:


My name is Rebecca Reyes and I’m a student at the University of Arizona, and I want to let you know that I’ve fallen in love… with an app. No, it’s not Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, or any of the ones that my peers and I have our faces incessantly glued to. Instead, it’s an app that is relatively unknown across the nation – for now. It’s an app that has saved me from the devastating feeling of FOMO. It’s made me feel more connected to my college community. It’s allowed me to walk into my closet for the first time since I moved in without stubbing my toe on some random thing I don’t use anymore. It’s saved my lazy ass that convinces myself out of cooking every night by helping me pay for dinner out with friends (shoutout to Illegal Pete’s!). Honestly, I’d say this app is even more useful than Uber… because well… this shits helping me pay for my Uber!!

The app is called Twazer – the hidden gem of apps for college students. Twazer is simple, it’s an app that helps college students buy and sell anything from one another. I know, right about now you’re thinking, “Really Rebecca?? All that praise for something as simple as that??”. Well, something as simple as that has made me more than $600 in the past 2 months and saved me hundreds more shopping secondhand. Soooo, I suggest you hear me out 🙂


The Problem

First, let me back up a bit. Personally, I’m tired of shopping at Target, Walmart, and those types of places. I feel like I’m getting ripped off every time I walk through their doors, always spending hundreds of dollars. Simultaneously, my place continues to pile up things that I don’t want or need anymore. I can never seem to get rid of anything, whether it’s my old laptop, phone, textbooks, headphones, blah blah blah. Everything continues to just lay in my closet. 

And don’t tell me to use Craigslist or Facebook buy/sell groups. Craigslist is sketchy AF – I’m not going to some random 40 year olds place to pick up a couch with $100 cash in my wallet or vice versa. And Facebook buy/sell groups just never work because they are so inefficient. Oh and there’s this new thing I saw Facebook is doing called Marketplace… yeah no I’ve already written that one off. Not down to be shopping somewhere that has guns and babies posted for sale. Good work Facebook!fbm

When the Twazer team reached out to me asking if I’d be willing to write about why I use the app so much I told them I would because, “buying and selling shit on campus used to be way too hard – and now… Twazer has made it way too easy,”.


Why Twazer?

It’s a money making machine! Remember when I mentioned that Twazer helped pay for my Uber’s, and dinners out with friends? Well I wasn’t kidding.

  • I even financed a spontaneous trip to Vegas with my friends by selling my old Macbook on Twazer. Being a student, any money that I can make on the side is a huge help. That’s the beauty of Twazer… I can make good money selling things that I don’t need anymore, while putting in close to no work! Which brings me to my next point…

Super convenient and I feel safe using it!

  • I can list something for sale in less than 30 seconds, and then that’s pretty much all the work I do. Like 90% of the products I’ve posted have sold. It’s awesome!
  • You can pay and receive money directly through the app using your card – which is awesome because I hate carrying cash around

AND its all with people nearby, so I never have to leave campus


And finally,

Twazer has special categories for U of A based startups to post their products in – which I think is the most underrated part of the app.

Kacti: Cute lace-up t-shirts

Sunny Skirts: Trendy gameday skirts

Bora BeadsWristbands hand-made in Kenya. Check them out! They donate a % of every sale to an orphanage in Kenya.

Without Twazer, I would never have known about these local startups – and honestly I’m really glad that I have been exposed to them. I’ve bought something from each of the company’s on the app! It’s great to be able to support entrepreneurs from my own college!!

It’s difficult to describe, but I almost feel like the app just gives off this vibe of community, and being helpful. Whether it’s helping me make money selling stuff, or helping me save money buying, or helping a U of A startup gain exposure… it’s just always helping. And I think that’s pretty incredible.


So I guess that’s my love story folks. It’s weird, but I’ve fallen in love with an app that isn’t based on finding the best lighting for a selfie, or constantly taking pictures of places I am to make me seem cool. No, I’ve fallen in love with an app that is based on the ideal of helping. And that’s a nice change.

Anyways, I hope you check it out.



Rebecca Reyes



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