Twazer goes Viral!

If you go to a pool party this summer and see 10 girls in red bikinis, well, we’re sorry. Yesterday, Twazer launched a partnership with Sunny Co. to sponsor a promotion for one of their bikinis for 24 hours. Minutes after launching the promotion, news feeds across America were inundated with pictures of a red bikini. Olympic Gold Medalist gymnast – Simone Biles – even tweeted asking people to stop posting pictures of the red bikini.

To put it simply, due to Twazer’s sponsorship, Sunny Co’s company changed literally overnight. In just 24 hours, Sunny Co’s Instagram page grew from 8,000 followers to over 750,000 so we’d like to thank you all of you for your support!!

As of today, Twazer is launching in LA, the SF Bay Area and NYC! If you liked the red swimsuit, you’ll love whats waiting for you on Twazer 🙂 so download Twazer today to get the best deals on products you want in your area.

Also, be sure to follow @TwazerApp on Twitter, IG and Facebook to catch our next amazing sponsorship. Its coming soon and its going to be awesome!


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